content marketing industry

Seminar "Content Marketing Industry"
The importance of content marketing lies in the fact that it is a new element that changes the rules of the marketing game, as it is the ideal solution for companies that have become suffering from the difficulties of traditional marketing.
The seminar answers:
Am I a content writer?
What is the difference between content creation, content writing, and copywriting?
How do I write promotional content to sell my business?
What is the appropriate fee for the content I write?
The seminar will be presented by: Rahman Al-Osri
Seminar date: Monday, April 25 from 9:00 pm to 12:00 pm
Location: Business Incubator #Block_One, Haddah Street, Al-Misbahi Roundabout, Al-Nazili Building, Sixth Floor, Office 36
Seminar duration: 3 hours
Fees: 3000 thousand riyals
To register, send an SMS with your name and the name of the seminar
Or via WhatsApp to the number 777833433

  • Place BLOCKONE incubator
  • Date
    Monday , 25th April , 2022 To Monday , 25th April , 2022
  • Time From 09:00pm To 12:00pm
  • Price YR 3000

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